Truck Nuts? I don’t believe it!

October 13, 2005

So I was just in town today at a stop light when I notice something’s not quite right with the truck in front of me! As it’s driving I notice that what ever is hanging from the tow-hitch is swaying back in forth. Something is almost famliar about it. Then it hits me.. thats a pair of nuts hanging from that dudes tow hitch! I can’t believe it. And green to match his truck to!


2 Responses to “Truck Nuts? I don’t believe it!”

  1. David J Says:

    i saw those truck balls on a website the other day. i haven’t seen one in real life though. i don’t know why you would want some testicles hanging from your hitch, but it sounds like something you would be into.

  2. David J Says:

    oh and where do you host your pictures from?

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