I live in my parents basement…

October 16, 2005

So I just moved here to Virginia from Utah. And yes I live in my parents basement. As you can see I dont have a closet yet so I had to get a little creative. My thinking is that I wont be here long so it doesnt really matter anyway.


5 Responses to “I live in my parents basement…”

  1. David J Says:

    hey i really like your blog. it has good words and stuff… anyway i thought you should drop by my site:



  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow…your parents must be really awesome, wonderful people to let you stay at their place. no wonder you’re such a nice guy with such amazingly wonderful parents and all. i bet you feel really blessed and fortunate! gosh, i seriously wish my folks were that great!

  3. Blayd Says:

    Yeah thanks my parents rule. Who are you? If you dont mind me asking? Do you know me?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    uuhmmnn…yes, i know you very well. and you know me mostly as ‘mom’!

    gotcha didn’t i…hehehe

  5. Blayd Says:

    Thats dirty.. internet trechery

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