A sad loss..

October 21, 2005

When I moved here I had to get rid of my vehicles including my beloved motorcycle. When this pic was taken I had only had it for like a week I think. Back in the high school days I had always wanted a bullet bike. I talked about it with my friends all the time. After I came home from Bolivia (my mission) I started working on cars with my dad. One of his main hobbies is rebuilding cars (mostly the F-body type. ex. the camaro trans am ect.) I helped him rebuild a few engines and I learned a whole bunch of stuff. I also learned more about myself. In the fact that the bullet bike really wasn’t my style. I had really started to like the bigger engine sound of the V8 and torque and horsepower and all that. And so the cruiser type motorcycle was really more my type (even though the bullet bike usually has way more horse power). To me.. the bullet bike was more like a freakin ricer. The attitude and the sound they make and the people that ride them(no offence.. well maybe just a little). I hate ricers! We all do.. but that’s a different story right! So I bought this bike off my friend who was getting married and needed to sell it. It’s a 99 Honda Shadow Ace Deluxe 750. The perfect starter bike I think. So the problem was, I haven’t ridden I bike since I was a little boy scout when I rode a little 90cc dirt bike with a few friends of mine. And I don’t think I was much good at then looking back on it.. But it doesn’t matter I wanted a bike so bad. It can’t be that hard I told myself. So I backed it up rode it off the drive way and onto the street. I then took it around the block and I have been 100% addicted ever since! I love everything about it. Out on the road we are like a brother hood. We look out for each other. You may have seen how we signal to each other. It’s kind of funny though. The two types of riders there are. Most of the time we wont signal or “motorcycle wave” to a rider of the opposite kind of bike. Cruiser people always signal cruiser people but we almost never signal bullet bike riders. It’s this kind of culture I don’t know but I love it. The next one I buy is going to be an 1100cc bike I’m not sure what yet. I’m thinking that as soon as winter is over I’ll get it. I can’t wait!


4 Responses to “A sad loss..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Reading and writing are only parts of humor to understand.

  2. Blayd Says:

    Wow.. im not going to delete your comment but I will tell you to go hang yourself as soon as you possibly can!

  3. David J Says:

    dude i totally saw some guy eat it on his motorcycle. the car in front of him stopped suddenly and he slid underneath. he got up and was ok, but i felt bad because he downed his bike. that’s too bad.

  4. uncelilo Says:

    I’ve got to agree man, motorcycles rock…but it really sucks when you crash on em. I’m more of a bullet bike guy myself having ridden on both types. If you see a red honda cbr 600 and a short dude on it, I’ll probably say hi. From one motorcycle addict to another.

    Stay Cool.

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