Hot chocolate wonder

October 26, 2005

Today I shall tell you the secret for the best hot chocolate I’ve ever concocted. Here’s what you do.

Take what ever hot chocolate mix you have that you usually put in hot water. First step heat up some real milk at least 2% (that’s right we use milk not water) Get it nice and hot or warm or what ever. It will mix better when it’s warm. When that’s all mixed in good add some nutmeg. (that’s the secret ingredient, that’s why this rocks.) Then you add some creamer. My favorite is vanilla cinnamon. Not to much mind you.. stir it again and that’s it.. Instant holiday cheer! It tastes like Christmas!


One Response to “Hot chocolate wonder”

  1. David J Says:

    dude i went to chevron and bought a 64 oz soda. the coke i got didn’t taste that good so i put some cerry coke in there. to top it off i put some dr. pepper and what the hell some vanilla flavor. what i got was 64oz of cherry vanilla dr. pepper. i should have just bought the @#$&% thing.

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