This is where I sleep.

October 29, 2005

It’s getting close to 2 years now that I’ve been sleeping in a hammock. Before that I slept in a waterbed. They say water beds are bad for your back but I never had pain and now I can say that hammocks are even better. I sleep on a bed, I wake up with pain. I sleep on a couch, I wake up with pain. I sleep in a hammock it feels so good I need extra will power to get up and out of bed and I’m pain free! So anyway go buy one is what I’m saying. They are cheep they are made in Mexico by cool people in the Yucatan. This is where I got mine. I got the matrimonial size. It rules. It will arrive 2 days after you order usually. I hang it up in the house by finding a wall stud and putting a sturdy eye bolt into it then just carabineer in and I’m set. And you wouldn’t believe how much space you save. This second pic is from the old apartment. I just love this pic cuz its so ugly. I think its one of sweetest pictures I have actually…


3 Responses to “This is where I sleep.”

  1. David J Says:

    probably my favorite branbury moment. yes. that was it.

  2. David J Says:

    where do you find cool internet crap like that? i can’t find stuff like that without running into boobies or something.

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