This could be it…

December 23, 2005

I think I found the coolest thing on the internet. So I had to share it with you all.


Ruger N’ Skull

December 14, 2005

Something amazing happened a few days ago. Dan got a gun. And has therefore joined the forces of Ruger N’ Skull. Here are a few pics from this eventful day.


December 14, 2005

So I’m back in Utah now. Home sweet home. So here’s an update on “the adventures…” of my life as of late.

I moved back a few days ago with nothing but two small duffle bags of clothes and my backpack with my bathroom stuff and electronics (Minidisc, camera, and PDA…)

A friend of mine gave me a mattress to sleep on for awhile till I can get myself all back together. (get a job, buy a car, find a place to live) That sounds like a mouthful and it is but I haven’t been worried about it so much until now…

Story time…

I’ve sort of been barrowing my sisters car for the last few days. (She is the greatest person in the world. If you’re reading this leech, I love you) So two days ago I stayed over night at a friends house cuz we were playing warcraft (yeah I know what your thinking… but that’s another blog for another day…) so anyway we wake up late the next day and want breakfast so we hop in my sisters car to get a bagel. Now let me explain that it was a very cold very snowy and miserable yet typical Utah winter morning. So its nasty weather and we stop at a red-light on state street and notice that there had been a small wreck to the right of us and two guys were swapping info. As one of the guys was walking back to his car my friend noticed the look on the guys face and muttered what he knew the guy was thinking “Dang it!” We had a good laugh as we took turns imitating what this guy was thinking till the light change. Not more than 2 minutes pass when we find ourselves turning into the barking lot, or sliding rather straight into a curb just inside the parking lot. We weren’t going any faster than 5-10 miles an hour but that was enough to render the car utterly useless. I couldn’t believe it. My sister had been so kind as to lend her car to me and there I stood in the snow with nothing on my feet but a pair of flips next to a car that had a broken axle. Well we leave the car where it was and head off to breakfast. After a very good ham and cheese panini I make a few phone calls. Actually quite a few phone calls. I finally found a tow guy and a repair shop to take it to. Then I run into another problem. I have no cash for the tow guy. So I and my buddy trek it to the nearest gas station. As I’m screaming into the wind in a non girlish way due to the utter cold I’m experiencing in my feet my friend starts retelling the pioneer crossing the plains stories… Anyway we make it to the gas station and find an ATM. We walk outside and get picked up by the driver of the tow truck. After about 30 min in the snow trying to get the car on the bed of the truck I pay the man and watch it drive away.

So yeah. 500 bucks later. All is well. And I figure I was lucky. It probably could have cost much more.

So now for some pictures. The plane ride over was really cool. Lots of cool cloud stuff going on. One of the pictures was taken just above the clouds over Salt Lake and the other is cool because you can see a mountain range poking through a bit. The others are of me and my Girlfriend who I’m missing badly right now. Enjoy…