New Idea and a Sweet Mix

January 11, 2006

So I had this idea lately I’ve been thinking about. I want to somehow be able to meet toally random people in person and just talk to them. Maybe long enough to share a couple stories then if they are cool with it I’d take their picture and post it along with their story on the blog. I thought one way might be to randomly hitch hike to places and talk to people that way. Am I totally crazy or does this sound fun and cool? I cant wait to get it all figured out and start posting stories and pictures.

And for the sweet mix:

Death Cab for Cutie
Ben Jelen
Jamie Cullum

This is what i’ve been listening to for a few days now. I cant stop. Anyway more later I hope.


I just got back from a trip down to Kanab with a friend and some of his family. Here are some of the highlights.

This picture is of a stone carving called a “water glyph” I guess the indains used these back in the day to help them find water. This one is pointing out a couple nearby springs. Pretty sweet I thought. Supposedly there are over 200 of these things in the area.

Later we came upon a little canyon with some pretty thickly frozen ice due to the fact that it probably gets just a few minutes of sunshine per day. Soon I was over come by my boyish instincts. I took a couple big and heavy rocks and threw them down at the ice as hard as I could. To my surprise it didn’t break through the ice! Well I wasn’t going to be bested by some stupid ice! That’s when I took out the .44 mag and blew the big hole you can see there in this picture! MAN I love that gun! Not only did it make a big hole but it sorta cracked the ice in big circles around it like a giant bull’s-eye! This was the funnest thing I ever shot to date. That ice will think twice before it messes with me again…

We also went to this place about 15 minutes out of town that had some cool Indian paintings and carvings. This one is called “12 faces” I believe. There is tons of stuff on this wall. One of the cool things is that the twelve faces could have some religious significance. If you notice the last 2 faces on the right they are connected with a necklace or something which could represent Ephraim and Manassas out of the 12 tribes. Its pretty interesting. There is a ton of other stuff on this wall too.

So then we went to this totally sweet little slot canyon the locals call “peek-a-boo” I want to go back and explore it a little better. I think we will bring some rope or a ladder next time because there were these small steps leading up to something but we couldn’t get up in it because near the bottom they had been completely carved out by flash floods.

Course we finished the trip with guns a blazing!

You can check out the rest of the pictures from this trip here if you want.

You know how you never want to leave your camera sitting around where people will see it and be tempted to snatch it up and take ugly pictures of themselves. This is a prime example of just such an act of carelessness…

Robyn’s Wedding

January 3, 2006

This is going back a week or two but I thought I would catch up and post some pics.

update: You’re right! I totally forgot to put up a picture of the bride!