New Idea and a Sweet Mix

January 11, 2006

So I had this idea lately I’ve been thinking about. I want to somehow be able to meet toally random people in person and just talk to them. Maybe long enough to share a couple stories then if they are cool with it I’d take their picture and post it along with their story on the blog. I thought one way might be to randomly hitch hike to places and talk to people that way. Am I totally crazy or does this sound fun and cool? I cant wait to get it all figured out and start posting stories and pictures.

And for the sweet mix:

Death Cab for Cutie
Ben Jelen
Jamie Cullum

This is what i’ve been listening to for a few days now. I cant stop. Anyway more later I hope.


One Response to “New Idea and a Sweet Mix”

  1. viperbux Says:

    Sounds cool.

    Bring your gun.

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