Ok so Friday 3/3/06. No one ever goes to work expecting their entire company to go down in flames in a matter of hours. So yeah… I took a few calls; fixed a few computers, and then we lock the doors and stop taking phone calls. We have a short meeting where we find out that we are all hosed. 1 hour later we have a conference call with the whole company. This is the first time I interacted with Dell Shanzie. He said something that really impressed me as a businessman, after he told us we were all screwed he said “and I’m gonna do something else,.. cuz I feel like it!” I couldn’t believe it.. what a jerk. Later in the news I am told that he said all kinds of idiotic crap. Really thats the whole reason his company suffered, because he can’t keep his mouth shut. Anyway.. so we close the doors early and go home for good. Oh well.. so I need a job again. Later that night I interviewed with PC laptops. Hopefully I can still work in Orem.

And the season begins! That night I Dan and Branden took off for the middle of no where ghost town hunting. I took a bunch of pictures and videos and we had a blast. It was so great, on the whole way there and during the adventure we had the sweet theme music of Ben Folds! I recall even a rare hardcore version of Zak and sara…

And then another incredible thing happened. The whole way home we listened to pink floyd. Now a little history.. before that night if you were to ask me what I thought of pink floyd I would have responded… well.. I’d rather listen to Ben Robinsen’s band. But .. they were able to explain everything to me.. and sorta walk me through a lot of it. So now I can truthfully say that I like it .. yea I can say that I love pink floyd! So it was an epic night. Here are some more pictures… I wish I could show you some videos. They will probably eventually be on my website TheAdventures.net

Man… sometimes… looking cool.. just doesnt work out for me… haha