Axe n’ fish

June 19, 2006

Ok this is totally sweet!  Me and Branden were trying to figure out what we wanted to do tonight when all of a sudden the idea was said and instantly embraced!  We will go up AF canyon and chop wood and go fishing.  (here is why.. branden and dan have decided they like to go fishing.. I am staying true to my beliefs… which are.. I think fishing is about the most boring thing on earth.. however.. chopping the holy freak out of the remnant of a tree with a brand new axe I got at Wal-Mart… very fun!)  So we loaded my truck full of wood.. went up to the lake.. branden fished.. and I chopped wood.  An off duty cop came by and was like “so.. I notice you’re chopping wood” and I said.. “why yes I am” and he flashed his badge and said.. “well I cant let you build a fire here because its illegal” and Im like “well.. as weird as this may be.. I am just chopping wood.  Im not planing on making a fire.. I just need something to do because I hate fishing!”  so he laughed and walked away… lol

anyway here are some pics.. there are some good videos.. Ill try and get one up in the video section…  enjoy..


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