Smelter or light house?

June 25, 2006

Yesterday was a weird day. We decided to go to “The smelter” its right across from saltair which is right next to the great salt lake. Till yesterday I had never been to any of these places. So.. saltair is pretty cool.. I don’t know what it is.. at all. All I could tell is that it was a pretty cool place in its time. I saw a lot of cool old black and white pictures for sale in the gift shop. But now that’s all it is really.. a gift shop and a place for people to rave. (kid you not as we were walking into that place a half naked chick walked up to us and asked “are you guys here for the rave?”) anyway, the great salt lake is not as cool as it once seemed to be in those old pictures I saw. Its just nasty.. nasty smell.. and I kid you not I saw about 200 dead birds on my walk to the water.. it was weird.. and these were not wussy little birds you see in trees and on telephone lines. They were bigger birds that you might see around lakes and rivers. And then.. the weirdest part of it all was.. I get to the shoreline and there are swarms and swarms of these small bugs.. seriously like.. little black clouds of em.. the way they moved was really interesting.. almost in rhythm with the waves on the beach.. it was sick. so yeah.. if you can get passed all that.. it can really be a pretty place when the sun is setting. I got few pics. Its big enough to look like the ocean at parts.. anyway so the let down was… we could get no where near the gigantic smelter … thing. But the area around it was pretty cool. I took a bunch of pictures of weird facilities that reminded me of things I’ve seen in James bond movies. Then we went to the airport.. and .. nothing happened. So that was my saturday. Oh yeah.. and while I was there poking around the lake.. some torrist oriental folk asked me if the smelter was a light house.. I resisted the urge to laugh and told em what it was… bless their little weirdo hearts..


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