AF canyon: big fat zero! – West desert wins again…

July 15, 2006

Me and the guys went camping lastnight. We tried to go up AF canyon but it was to crowded and gay. So we went back to our roots and camped in the middle of no where west desert and had a great time. Barbara got me a totally sweet camelbak to so I got to use it on the trip. (thanks babe! youre best!) Here are the highlights…

somehow I got the idea to cook a huge stoffers meat and cheese lasagne! Truth is .. we didn’t end up eating it till like 2 or 3 in the morning cuz it was frozen solid when I started cooking it and it took FOREVER. The end result was a bit smoky but pretty dang good camping food. And I’m proud as ever to know that I have got to be the first person in the world to be dumb enough to cook a frozen lasagne over a fire.

Dan cooked a steak that looked pretty good. And some good bacon/sausage this morning.

Branden had some good mac and cheese… yeah it was pretty interesting how he did that.. he dumped it into a tin bread pan and heated it up by the fire.

Davy mostly ate power-bars-o-pain.

(it was all pretty primitive, but that’s what makes it fun!)

Yesterday I got me an 8 man colman tent. Yeah its big.. (barbara not only can you stand up in it but you could probably do a few back flips if you wanted ;)

We took a bunch of pictures to with a black and white throw away camera, I think those will be interesting.

This morning after breakfast we took dan’s gun and shot targets and then came home. I couldn’t believe how hot it was at only 10 this morning. freak…

so here is a random video I found today.. pretty funny.. oh and for the treasure of the day.. I nominate what I will call.. “dan’s midnight stroll in white”


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