Thanks Randolph Mobley!

July 18, 2006

Randolph Mobley is a spammer name from the address feel free to hit him with all you’ve got…

He just sent me this almost entertaining message…


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yeah.. what a bunch of crap. And why all the crap? A weak attempt to get his spam through my filters. The actual spam of this message I didn’t include. Spammers are adapting just like we are. They are starting to send their spam as broken up images, you may have seen them already. this as with a million other lame but sometimes successful tactics are used to try and get through to your mailboxes.

Did you know that well over half of all email sent in the world is freaking spam? Well its true. Email is getting so annoying. I wish there was more honesty in the world. They should pass a law that makes public beatings legal to anyone who is caught being dishonest. That might slow it up a bit.

ok.. That’s all for now.. I think my camera is at home waiting for me so the next post will be a happy one!


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