Trains! Are you kidding me!?

July 22, 2006

Friday night we (Barbara, Me, Claudia, and Jacob) set out for Lava Hot Springs. We stopped at a wendy’s in bountiful I believe. ok.. so there is obviously a new girl being trained who cant do anything by herself (its ok we’ve all been there) but right off the bat I can tell there might be something wrong with this poor girl (bless her heart) So I wont say all the details but almost everything that could go wrong did. She tried to give me a frosty that looked thinner than hot chocolate. Barbara’s soda cup was damaged and leaking. My chicken sandwich was totally burnt and useless. The only thing that ended up not going back was Barbara’s sandwich. And to top it off.. I think she over charged me.. so.. yeah.. that was fun..

Anyway.. we get there and setup camp in pretty much the only area left which was by the fence which was by the highway which was right next to train tracks. I setup the hammock between the only tree in our little area and a sturdy metal fence post. I’ll be honest I could have been better. We had to make it a little to tight other wise our backsides would be touching the ground (not good) so.. it made for a pretty uncomfortable sleep. BUT still bearable.. oh wait.. yeah.. every few seconds a big noisy semi-truck would pass.. and i kid you not.. somewhere around 20 trains went by that night.. whistles and everything.. then the weirdest thing i ever saw.. I train going super super slow, seemed like all the wheels were locked and not spinning.. causing tons of hot sparks to be spewed from the wheels in all directions.. (pretty cool sight at night!) so of course this was starting all kinds of fires.. somehow they got a separate train to go behind and put out all the fires.. they were using walkie-talkie type stuff to help them find and fix the fire problems.. how did i know that you ask.. well.. for some reason they had the whole conversation going on loudspeaker megaphone type crap! I couldn’t believe it! so yeah.. didn’t sleep all that much..

after that.. we started to really have a good time..

woke up early, packed up everything, got packed, then heading to a park to have some breakfast. Then we got kicked out of some hotel owned mineral hot springs.. so we went to some better ones (and paid this time) we got there just in time for the bus-o-asians to arrive. So that was fun… oh one more thing.. i walked into the ladies dressing room on accident.. im such an idiot sometimes.. nothing bad happened.. luckily I don’t think anyone even saw me. Gosh.. that was dumb.. the last time I did that I was just a confused little kid at a swimming pool.. anyway..

then we started down going down the river with our tubes.. it was a blast! We went down over and over each run giving one or another more bruises. Then the last run poor Barbara flipped her tube on one of the rougher rapids. (she didnt flip all day till this last run!) So after some aquatic acrobatics she surfaced with some serious marks up and down her poor left leg!

So we hobbled out of the river after that and went home. All in all .. It was a very fine weekend. I was very glad that I could go and have fun. Last time I was in lava it was like 8 or 9 yeas ago. (and I somehow ended up dressing in drag with josh and branden. which I still deny to this day.. lol)


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