California poison kitchen…

July 26, 2006

I was craving this stupid pizza for days. I finally make it up there to the gateway mall lastnight. And guess what.. it was great. I really liked it. Good keylime pie as well. Late lastnight I started feeling weird.. but I had no idea why or to what magnitude. so I wake up this morning in a hot feverish sweat.. needless to say I was pissed that I was getting.. so i hobble over to the bathroom and all of a sudden it hits me with full force. I lost all strength to stand.. i thought I was going to puke or die or both.. i collapsed on the nasty bathroom floor and just sweat like i was in a sauna for like an hour.. misery.. then I literally crawled my way back into my room and passed out on the floor for another few hours.

I wont be having that craving ever again.. freak..


3 Responses to “California poison kitchen…”

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