What a Bad/Great feeling!

August 25, 2006

Ok what your looking at is my dirty instrument panel on my truck.  And the bad feeling of course is shelling out almost $50 for a fill up on gasoline.  But the good feeling is this!  The needle is on “F” my friends!!!

ok for reals,.. this gage has a profound effect on me.  It seems the further the needle is to the right the better life is or the happier I am in general.  I tend to have more of a care-free disposition.  On the other hand, when it starts to point to “E” I get depressed and start worrying about deadlines and stuff I need to remember and take care of.  Also the dread of shelling out another $50…

Am I the only one? 


Uintah’s 2006

August 24, 2006

Took some pics.. here they are!

ZAP Reader

August 23, 2006

My buddy Brandon (Not you Branden) showed me this cool internet tool today.  It really works.  Helps you read txt you copy into the reader really fast.  Give it a try.

ZAP Reader

A favorite song..

August 23, 2006

This has been one of my favorites songs latley.  Enjoy..


A little catching up..

August 22, 2006

First off.. this guy woke up one day and decided he wanted to do something no one else has ever done before.


Impressed? I knew you would be. Did you see him sweating like a pig in all those shirts? Geez…why?

ok.. next up.. looks like we were wrong about the dolphins. They just aren’t as smart as we thought.


In fact they are dumber than goldfish. Who knew?

Ok this one I thought was really cool. It’s a project called “human car” and it looks awesome. Really its a great idea, I hope I see more of these around in the future.


Supposedly you can get these things ripping freeway speed! THAT’S CRAZY!

And last but not least. I like to try and keep an eye on cool new technology. I know Dan will love this one. It’s a new way to reproduce picture, or color I should say.

Anyway, I think it’s interesting. Dan, as always.. you can go burn your eyes out slowly with your mom’s bathroom candles for all I care. Let the rest of the world enjoy the fruits of good engineering.

Google’s Writely

August 21, 2006

www.writely.com another big step for free software. Google’s writely is a free on-line microsoft word/wordperfect/adobe acrobat. And it can even be used to write a post and upload it to a blog. Leaving microsoft with yet another black eye. Poor Microsoft.. what will they do when people start to find out they can get better products for free?

So I loaded linux on my computer yesterday.  And honestly with in just a few short hours.. I had already hosed it trying to install someting cool.  I thought I was uber enough.. but I was wrong.  So here comes round two.  I’m gonna give Kubuntu a try this time.  This is the greatest thing i’ve done to my computer in a while.  Yeah thats all for now.