Google’s Writely

August 21, 2006 another big step for free software. Google’s writely is a free on-line microsoft word/wordperfect/adobe acrobat. And it can even be used to write a post and upload it to a blog. Leaving microsoft with yet another black eye. Poor Microsoft.. what will they do when people start to find out they can get better products for free?


5 Responses to “Google’s Writely”

  1. David J Says:

    The best things in life are free. Microsoft hasn’t figured that out yet. I wish there was more free stuff.

  2. Mark N. Says:

    That’s pretty sweet! I’ve been debating on getting MS Office for Mac. I have the open-source version “Open Office” but it’s too much work (not a lot of work, just too much) Thanks garit for enlightening us to this great new product. All hail all things google.

  3. - G - Says:

    Thanks Mark. It’s crazy how google is just sort of taking over the internet. I can’t complain though becuase I love and use alot of their products, I mean they are free and awesome. But at the same time.. its a little scary.

  4. Mr. S Water Says:

    MICROSOFT WILL SAVE US ALL! AT LEAST ALL THOSE THAT SUBMIT TO ITS ALL-KNOWING GLORY. You three will be on the outside of technology looking in while me and Bill Gates experience the 21st century in all of its splendor…for a small fee.

  5. - G - Says:

    well just so you know. your friend bill gates is leaving microsoft.. and his new charity thing he’s doing with his wife.. well lets just say I know for a fact that his website runs off of linux… sorry man..

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