What a Bad/Great feeling!

August 25, 2006

Ok what your looking at is my dirty instrument panel on my truck.  And the bad feeling of course is shelling out almost $50 for a fill up on gasoline.  But the good feeling is this!  The needle is on “F” my friends!!!

ok for reals,.. this gage has a profound effect on me.  It seems the further the needle is to the right the better life is or the happier I am in general.  I tend to have more of a care-free disposition.  On the other hand, when it starts to point to “E” I get depressed and start worrying about deadlines and stuff I need to remember and take care of.  Also the dread of shelling out another $50…

Am I the only one? 


2 Responses to “What a Bad/Great feeling!”

  1. Mark N. Says:

    I’m more concerned at the fact that the slowest speed your car can go is 5mph. Picking up your dates must be a real pain. By the time you go to her door and back, you have to chase it down the street. When you park do you just jack up the car and let the wheels spin? Here’s a hint. Turn off your car and you’ll save gas.

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