So I loaded linux on my computer yesterday.  And honestly with in just a few short hours.. I had already hosed it trying to install someting cool.  I thought I was uber enough.. but I was wrong.  So here comes round two.  I’m gonna give Kubuntu a try this time.  This is the greatest thing i’ve done to my computer in a while.  Yeah thats all for now.


Ok so.  I’m pretty much still a noob when it comes to linux.  I’ve installed a few distros.  Messed around here and there.  But today I decided to take it more seriously.  With all the viruses at my apartment and everything, Now is the perfect time to embrace lnux and drop microsoft like a box of rocks.

Check out this sweeti video and behold the power of linux xgl.


Cool Camera.. I guess..

August 17, 2006

 I just came across this crazy camera. 


Here is the article.

A few days back

August 16, 2006

So we all love betos. It’s a well known fact. Once in a while though.. there is a little discomfort. For example the other day I found one half of a toothpick in some rolled tacos. Another few times I got a bit sick from the food. We all know what we are in for when we go to betos.. the point is.. despite all the bad.. we will still keep coming!


ok so the point of this blog is.. besides that betos rules. The other day Dan, Branden and myself found ourselves at betos before a freestyle walking trip up provo canyon. And you know what.. it took an extra long time to get our food. Here is the proof of a little dissatisfaction seen in the faces of those that were there.

August 16, 2006


I had just getting out of my truck as I got to work this morning thinking everything is just fine and dandy when all of a sudden this cement parking block just came out of no where and attacked me! 

Here is the evidence…

This is a test.

August 16, 2006

So I’m using a pretty cool little tool I just found called “windows live writer (beta)” So far it’s a pretty seamless install if you have a domain with an FTP and you know all your info.  (but that’s just for pictures)  But even if you don’t it’s still pretty cool.  It will login and download your template so you know exactly what your post will look like when it’s published as you write it.  Windows Live Writer <– This is where to get the app. 

Nice little “Insert Picture” with some cool features.

It’s also just as easy to insert a map.  This is Niagra Falls.